Dulse, Wild Atlantic Sea Vegetable, 2oz

Dulse, Wild Atlantic Sea Vegetable, 2oz


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Certified Organic, OCIA International. Salads, snacks, soups, stir fries. Delicious as a healthy snack. Low temperature sun dried, enzyme active. Good source of protein, iron, chlorophyll, enzymes and Vitamin A & Vitamin B’s. More total dietary fiber (33%


  • Certified Organic by OCIA
  • USDA Organic

Certified Organic Dulse

  • Delicious healthy snack!
  • Solar dried at mild temperatures to preserve enzymes and nutrients.
  • Rich in iodine and high in iron.
  • Contains vitamin C, magnesium and trace ocean minerals.
  • Tested for chemical, heavy metal, petroleum, radioactivity, and microbiological contaminants.
  • Sustainably harvested, Certified Organic!

Suggested use

Great in Salads, Snacks, Soups, Stirfries

Basic Prep

Our wild Dulse is a raw whole food that can be enjoyed right from the bag or added to recipes. It comes straight from the ocean without any rinsing or processing and is solar dried at mild temperatures to retain nutrients and enzymes. Please check for occasional tiny pebbles or shells hidden in the leaves. Store your Dulse in this bag or any sealed container away from direct light, heat or moisture.

If you find raw dulse to be too chewy, simply allow it to absorb some ambient moisture (steam kettle, damp towel, humid room) for a few days until it’s tenderized by its own live enzymes. A brief rinse will tenderize it more quickly and make the flavor less intense.

Cooking with Dulse is a fast and flavorful treat! Kids and grown-ups alike love dulse chips, made by pan-frying dulse in a well-oiled skillet until crisp and brown. You can also dry roast Dulse pieces in a medium hot skillet or low oven until the leaves turn greenish, not black (burned!). Crumble onto grains, soups, pasta, pizza or popcorn.

Other ingredients

Low temperature dried organic dulse (palmaria palmata).


Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Prop 65.


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