Kirkman Folinic Acid with B-12 200Cap

Kirkman Folinic Acid with B-12 200Cap


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Folinic Acid with B12 Hypoallergenic

Food Supplement with Folinic Acid and Vitamin B12

Kirkman® offers Folinic Acid with B-12 hypoallergenic capsules for individuals with special requirements and sensitivities.  The product contains only plant cellulose as an additive and is casein and gluten free.

Biochemically in the body, folic acid supports cellular perception and response, methylation processes and many enzymatic reactions.  It is also linked to maintaining healthy homocysteine levels, which supports cardiovascular health.

To be active in the body, folic acid has to be reduced twice by folate reductase enzymes, then converted to tetrahydrofolate, after which a methyl group is added to the tetrahydrofolate.  In some individuals, the use of natural folinic acid may be more beneficial than folic acid, because folinic acid already has attached four hydrogen and one methyl group, thereby shortcutting the complicated biochemical process.  For that reason, some doctors are recommending folinic acid instead of folic acid supplementation.

Because folic acid can sometimes mask a vitamin B-12 deficiency, this product contains vitamin B-12, as well.  It is also believed that vitamin B-12 works synergistically with folic acid.  The most active form of vitamin B-12 in folate chemistry is methylcobalamin, and Kirkman® utilizes this form of vitamin B-12 in this product.


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