Natural Vitality CALM for Kids


Natural Vitality CALM for Kids

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Growing bodies and minds need balanced nutrition in order to thrive. But that’s hard to deliver with diet alone—especially in a world of stress that depletes important nutrients such as Magnesium (and if you have picky eaters). That’s where Natural Vitality Calm for Kids comes in. It’s a delicious mixed berry flavored anti-stress drink mix that brings on a welcome sense of calm and packs a welcome nutritional punch with a blend of magnesium, vitamins and an amino acid.*

  • Magnesium to bring out the calm in kids*
  • Blend of magnesium & other key nutrients
  • Delicious mixed berry flavor that kids will love

    A Sense of Calm and a Whole Lot More…Just for Kids*

    Kids may be little, but they have big nutritional demands. Unfortunately, “kid-friendly” diets rarely fill the bill. They can be limiting, not only in terms of what foods kids will eat but also in the nutrition kids are getting from them. Natural Vitality Calm for Kids helps fill some of the nutritional voids by giving kids a blend of a mineral and vitamins they need each day. And it all starts with magnesium.

    What seems like a simple mineral is actually an astonishing multi-tasking nutrient that plays a critical role in over 300 cellular processes in the body, including ones that support healthy muscles and bones, fuel the heart and promote the health of growing brains and nervous systems.

    But stress can seriously deplete magnesium levels and, sadly, even kids aren’t immune to the many stresses of everyday life. Natural Vitality Calm for Kids helps shore up magnesium levels with two highly absorbable forms—carbonate and glycinate— to bring on a welcome sense of calm.*

    Natural Vitality Calm for Kids also features Suntheanine®^, a patented form of the relaxing amino acid L-theanine, plus vitamins C, D, B6 and B12, and choline to support your child’s development. Even better, it comes in a fun, mixed berry-flavored drink mix that your kids will love to drink.*

    • Kid-friendly nutrient for calm*
    • Excellent source of replenishing magnesium*
    • Magnesium supports healthy muscles, bones, and nervous system
    • Supports healthy brain development*
    • Great tasting and easy to useKEY INGREDIENTS

      Magnesium Carbonate & Glycinate, Suntheanine®^, Choline, Vitamins C, D, B6 & B12

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